Transfer work to be credited toward the degree must be evaluated by the Chair of the Department.


详情请咨询 澳门皇冠足彩目录 Course Descriptions for information about courses and their prerequisites.

Core Program Prerequisites (12个币/ 3个疗程)

ARH 2050            艺术史 Survey 1 (pass/fail not permitted), 3 credits, 需要

ARH 2051            艺术史 Survey 2 (pass/fail not permitted), 3 credits, 需要 

艺术1201C         设计,3个学分, 需要

艺术1300C         绘图1,3学分, 需要

Upper Level Studio 课程 (4个币/ 1过程)

艺术2400C         Printmaking 1, 4 credits (Prerequisites: ART 1201, 1300)
PGY 2800C         Digital Photography 1, 4 credits (Prerequisites: ART 1201)
艺术2751c         Ceramics Beg. Wheel or Handbuilding, 4 credits (Prerequisites: ART 1203, 1201, 1300)
艺术2701c         Sculpture 1, 4 credits (Prerequisites: ART 1203)

艺术史 (28 credits/7 courses at the 4000 level); Prerequisite: Art History Survey 1 and 艺术史 Survey 2.

See course schedule for current course listings.

高级研讨班 (4个学分/一疗程)

ARH 4937c      BA 高级研讨班, 4 credits (Plan carefully: 高级研讨班 is offered only in Fall and Spring terms. The Department requires that students take this course in the last semester of degree course work.)

选修课 (10 credits in college Humanities courses)

披4800         Aesthetics & Art Theory, 4 credits, 需要。

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Transfer students should note that at least 75% of all upper-division courses for the BA must be taken in the Department of Visual Arts and 艺术史 at 澳门皇冠足彩. 


Foreign Language Requirement

The language requirement for the BA degree has two components:


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